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Stone Polyhedral RPG Dice Sets

These 7 piece polyhedral dice sets are made from hand-cut, hand-engraved stone. These dice may come in a set, but each piece is truly its own unique work of hand-crafted art. Every die face is distinct from the next, featuring the natural characteristics that make up each stone. Sharp edges guarantee great random game play. Each Stone RPG polyhedral dice set comes with a black velvet drawstring pouch for easy storage. Additionally, because these RPG dice are hand-crafted, please allow for minor variations in shape and number placement.

Each Stone Polyhedral Dice Set Includes: d4, d6, d8, d10 (0-9), d% (00-90), d12, d20

“Stone of Opportunity”
Gray Agate
“Stone of Harmony”
Indian Agate
“Stone of Healing”
Mahogany Obsidian
“Stone of Protection”
“Stone of Serenity”
Picture Jasper
“Stone of Nurturing”
Poppy Jasper
“Stone of Energy”
Red Jasper
"Stone of Empowerment"
Snowflake Obsidian
"Stone of Purity"
“Stone of Truth”
Tiger's Eye
"Stone of Courage"
Turquoise Magnesite
“Stone of Control”
White Jade
"Stone of Charisma"

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